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Hanna Nussbaum was born in Israel, in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion. She was evacuated from the kibbutz before its tragic fall, during Israel's War of Independence in 1948. Following the Six-Day-War in 1967, Hanna returned to the area where she resides to the present day.

Hanna's academic studies include:
1966 -           Receiving B.A. degree in History and Political Science from
                     Bar llan University.
1985-1989 - History of Art studies at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1990-1992 - Art Therapy studies at Seminar Hakibbutzim College, Tel Aviv.

Her art studies include:
1968 1971 - Various courses at The School of Art at Cornell University
                    (Ithaca N.Y.).
1972-1975 - Evening courses at Bezalel College, Jerusalem. Further art
                    studies: Private art workshops led by various artists in
                    Jerusalem (amongst them: Yoseph Hirsh, Michael Kobner,
                    Nahada Gafni, Yiftach Barkin, Yoram Rozov and Alexander

Since 2006, Hanna studies and works with digital art. Hanna has been teaching art for the last twenty five years to elementary school pupils as well as to high school students. She has also been giving private art workshops.

  Hanna's paintings include various topics: landscapes of the area in which she lives in the hills of Judea and scenes of the city of Jerusalem featuring the homes and narrow Greets. Hanna also paints portraits. A recent series of paintings has been devoted to childhood memories. Her painting media are watercolor, ink and charcoal as well as painting by the computer.

"In her plain-air water colors, she succeeds in conveying to the viewer a realistic sense of the rocks, the grass, the mountainous trails, the sunlight, the wind and the clouds, the morning and evening hours and the changes of season.
Hanna's paintings are her song to her beloved homeland. In her landscape paintings the mountains and the houses are merged to create a physical and spiritual unity. The delicate color touches express a sensitive awareness of the fine nuances and changes in tone that are apparent to the painter's eye. The patches of colors blend in these works of art as they highlight the differences between light and shadows. They also make the sharp contrast between the strength and power as represented by the boulders and tree trunks and the softness as found in the good soil the foliage and the parts of the landscape which become almost abstruct in nature ."

Alice Blitental, art critic (in Makor Rishon, Dec. 2002)